21 January

Web design Long Island Skeuomorphism and flat design

Microsoft celebrates Windows kissed flat design and rightly been praised for having the courage(if chops) to operate a new direction. Apple has followed suit with iOS7 and if rumors are to be believed, will continue on the same path with its next major operating system.

Initial jump from the window, and the surrender iOS is generally considered the first and last nail in the coffin for skeuomorphism.

But Windows 8, MacOS Mavericks, and in all likelihood, the next generation of both platforms are basically skeuomorphic, they use the term(and similarity) of files and folders, something borrowed Long Island web design centuries old system rankings. Many people choose not to interact with the data in this way and instead rely on the command line or terminal, but it is very rare to find someone who is not at least a little traction. You can remove some surface of a design that is skeuomorphic aspects, but you still look for a web "page " through a browser "window", which is on "The Office."

Flat design, then, very little impact on the amount of skeuomorphic design that we live on a daily basis.